Zoom 5 Hour Pre-licensing Course

5-Hour Zoom Class

Zoom 5 Hour Pre-licensing Course

Blue Steel Auto School 5 hours preliminary demo instructions

This class was constructed to be run for a period of 5 hours online zoom 

You are required to be in frame and your camera on for the full period of 5hrs as required.

You are required to stay on the zoom for the full 5 hours before your presence is counted. Wait till the end and make sure that the instructor calls your name.

Please be logged in 5 mins before the start of the class.

Certificates are usually available 2 weeks after the class has been completed. Call the school to ensure that it is ready for pick up.

We offer these classes every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5pm and Saturdays at 10am.

Who Can Take the 5-Hour Course Online?

Our 5 hours Pre-Licensing Program is designed for all new drivers ages 18 and up who are seeking a New York driver license. Please be advised that you must have a photo learner permit before starting the course. This photo permit usually arrive in the mail 2 weeks after the prescribed temporary learner permit was issued by the nycdmv.

What Is the New York 5-Hour Online Pre-Licensing Course?

The 5 hours online pre-liscensing course, it is a 100% online class that gives new drivers the road map on how to drive safely and comply with the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law. 

If you want to apply for a New York driver license, your must complete the 5-hour course online or in person before you schedule an appointment for your behind-the-wheel road test.

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