5 Hour Class

PRE-LICENSING COURSE (5-Hour class) $60

The Pre-licensing Course is a program designed to educate New York State’s new drivers by promoting safe, courteous, defensive, and alcohol/drug-free driving.

The course goals are as follows:

  • To reduce injuries, crashes, traffic violations and property damage.
  • To help students become responsible drivers.
  • To learn about the dangers of fatigue, alcohol and other drugs on driving ability.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards safe and defensive driving.
  • To encourage and promote safety belt and child safety seat use.
  • To learn how to fit safely into the transportation system with other highway users.
  • To familiarize students with the “rules of the road”.


  • Monday @ 5 PM
  • Wednesday @ 5 PM
  • Every other Saturday at 10 am


The class will be conducted via ZOOM. Students are required to preregister for the class.

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