Our Story (Founder)

Our Story

Crystal Jeffrey is the Founder and CEO of several companies. Her journey in business started as early as 8 years old by way of working alongside her parents and family members in their businesses. Her journey has been shaped by the love and support of her family. At 17 years old, she started her first business.

As of now she’s taught, trained, and inspired countless people to become entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and skilled workers. Crystal graduated from Baruch College with a Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Business Entrepreneurship and Psychology. As an advocate for higher education, she has done vocational training with an estimated 200,000 people. At the age of 23 years old Crystal became a NYPD Police Officer. Unfortunately, her career was cut short by way of her being shot  and grazed two times by a sniper. She then began working as a Police Officer in limited duties in the capacity of clerical, administrative, public relations, and statistical data analysis by way of assisting the Chief, Captains, and higher ups of the NYPD in their duties. This is where she honed her administrative and public relations skills.

Crystal is considered as one of NYPD’S Finest top cops. Upon retirement at the age of 26 years old she had a career as a  Real Estate Mogul and Title Closer but departed from this due to the 2008 market crash. Soon thereafter, Blue Steel Security Guard Training School was born.

This business went on to become one of the top premier security guard training schools in NYC. That birthed her security company Blue Steel Security. That company later birthed Blue Steel Auto School. Blue Steel Auto School is currently one of the top premier driving schools in the world. She is currently working on franchising her driving school both domestically and internationally.

Crystal Jeffrey has 27 years in the business world as a CEO. She has a strong reputation for building teams, developing leaders, managers, and skilled workers. She has significant accomplishments in working and building several companies to date. Crystal is passionate about utilizing her entrepreneurship skills for economic development and impact to build her community and to afford opportunities.

Crystal is a philanthropist who leads with passion and determination to uplift communities, empower individuals, and create lasting change. She is also affiliated with the following associations, affiliations, and clubs; Open Door Church of God In Christ, The Police Self Support Group, The Baruch Alumni Association, Feed Brooklyn, The East Brooklyn Career and Training Center. She currently serves as a board member for Magnolia Tree Earth Center where she was recently able to raise more than $300,000 in donations and grants to help preserve a piece of Brooklyn’s history.

Her future aspirations are to dive deeper into the world of public speaking and  to teach entrepreneurship on an even larger audience scale.

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