What they're saying about us

“Loved the energetic teacher so much. I got her Iced coffee from Mcdonalds ”
Ken S
“Very informative class and friendly instructor”
Jessica A
“I wish to express gratitude to both Serena and Crystal for their patience in working effortlessly in making me believe in my self and helping to overcome my fears, knowing that I have the ability to succeed. Today at 2:10 p.m on 12/07/16, I took the road test with confidence, believing in my self that I have the will to succeed. During the practical of the test I put my skills, ability to display with God’s help and was successful.”
“The course was very informational . Instructor was very courteous and made sure we understood everything.
Sheri F
“Very informative teacher kept everyone involved.”
Michael L
The teacher was funny and kept the class rolling. Overall the school did a good job with picking instructor and I also learned a lot of information.”
Nikole A
“Ms. Johnson is very clear and thorough to understand.
Nikeda H
“Calm and assured driving class. I am a nervous driver and appreciate the patience and guidance offered by the teacher.”
Kim L
“Everything was fine with the lessons and I think is a good driving school.”
Amy W
“The 5-hr class is great! Very informative and entertaining! Glad I came! Thank you.”
Zhe Z
“5 hr class was good. Ms Johnson very engaging and humorous teacher. Who did a fine job going through.”
Ann C
“Great Instructor! Ms. Johnson is very funny.”
Jenee G
“The training was fast and easy , the teacher are detailed in their lectures.”
Nelson P
“I give this place Five Stars because of Crystal and the informative 5 Hour Class I received from Blue Steel Driving School. I received 3 classes as a birthday gift and from day one Crystal was able to do what other schools could not. She was able to make me feel comfortable, focused and educated on the busiest roads in downtown, BK. I told her thanks many times because learning can only be done if you are tested. Remember folks as Lynn Austin said “Smooth seas don’t produce skillful sailors” and thats what Crystal did. She took me where the the roads were busy and tough to navigate and with that experience I became a better, more aware and a smarter driver. I have read the other reviews here and I am sorry I do not agree with many of them. The roads aren’t a joke and must be taken serious. There’s no babysitting when it comes to life and death on the road. You want to learn how to drive? Ask Crystal I guarantee you she will make you confident and love to enjoy your new found freedom as a driver. After receiving my license thanks to this wonderful school I can not stop recommending them to others. Just one class with Crystal is all it takes to convince you this is a better choice.”
Molly L
“Instructor was great she gave a lot of useful information ad took her time to make sure we need to know what is important”
Krystal L
“Ms. Johnson was great instructor. I like her techniques and the way she sets up her lessons.”
Andre S
“ The 5hr class went by sort of fast, and was very interesting.
Chris A
“The 5hr class. The Instructors humor made the class go by fast. Very instructional.”
Danielle L
“Quick, Affordable, and painless.”
Rebecca S
“Ms. Johnson brushed me ups on some many things I’ve forgotten. They provided me enough information and practice to have confidence to go for my road test.”
Serenity M
“Ms. Johnson made the class enjoyable and she was very helpful with the inform provided.”
Samantha R
“Great teacher Ms.Johnson , down to earth and knows the road.”
Mike P
“Fun and Laid back atmosphere , Enjoyed the class.”
Ash F