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“Loved the energetic teacher so much. I got her Iced coffee from Mcdonalds ”


“I wish to express gratitude to both Serena and Crystal for their patience in working effortlessly in making me believe in my self and helping to overcome my fears, knowing that I have the ability to succeed. Today at 2:10 p.m on 12/07/16, I took the road test with confidence, believing in my self that I have the will to succeed. During the practical of the test I put my skills, ability to display with God’s help and was successful.”


“The course was very informational . Instructor was very courteous and made sure we understood everything.

The teacher was funny and kept the class rolling. Overall the school did a good job with picking instructor and I also learned a lot of information.”
Nikole A

“Calm and assured driving class. I am a nervous driver and appreciate the patience and guidance offered by the teacher.”
Kim L

“5 hr class was good. Ms Johnson very engaging and humorous teacher. Who did a fine job going through.”

“The 5-hr class is great! Very informative and entertaining! Glad I came! Thank you.”

“The training was fast and easy , the teacher are detailed in their lectures.”
Nelson P

“Instructor was great she gave a lot of useful information ad took her time to make sure we need to know what is important”
Crystal L

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